Balloon Decor Policy

The following applies for all balloon-decor jobs:

Helium Balloons outdoors — NO!! To get best use out of Helium bouquets/clusters, Helium arches, Helium centerpieces we strongly recommend that you use them for INDOOR ONLY. Unfortunately their behavior and movement are very unpredictable and they are likely to flop around in the wind, lose their form or pop, pop, pop! 

Outdoor Decor –We use only the highest quality products and techniques to build your décor. However, due to the general nature of balloons, we CANNOT guarantee that your balloons will remain perfect and intact when used outdoors. Most outdoor decor is still subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging/oxidation of the colors, and/or movement from the wind. It is clearly understood that there will be no refunds or discounts for loss, breakage since we have no control over wind, rain, sun, temperature, or any other facet of weather.

Centerpiece Prototypes – depending on the design, we will use our balloon decorating software to mockup an illustration of your request as no cost when possible. Otherwise we charge a fee for building you an example of a possible centerpiece for your event. We do this for several reasons – we often have to purchase supplies; we spend time building the prototype; we then photograph and email digital photos for your approval.
  • $50 minimum fee for this service applies. 
  • You may make up to 3 changes — after 3; you will be charged another Prototype Fee. 

Payment Policy – All decor jobs booked more than 2 weeks in advance will have the option to make a 40% deposit OR full amount due. If the job is booked less than 2 weeks in advance OR if a coupon, discount or package deal applies the full amount is due according to the invoice due date. 

Cancellation Policy – Client maintains the right to cancel at any time, however a cancellation fee may apply if we purchased supplies to build your decor, started working on your décor or turned down other work to decorate your event. If an event is cancelled one of the following fee applies: 
  • 20% Cancellation Fee for orders cancelled MORE than 7 days in advance of event date, OR 
  • 50% cancellation fee for orders cancelled LESS than 7 days in advance of event date. 
Onsite Changes— Our mission is to make you and our balloons look great. If we are unable to complete the decor design as planned due to unforeseeable circumstances at the event venue, or due to Client preference will assess a change fee if we incur any addition labor or material expense as a result of such changes. 

Decor Equipment – All re-usable equipment, including but not limited to frame, lighting, poles, fabric, etc., are the property of Ava’s Party Designs (ADP) and must remain onsite for pickup at a specified time and date. Client is responsible for all losses due to theft, vandalism, misplacement or damage. In the event that our equipment is damaged, misplaced, or stolen, Client agrees to be billed for the repair or replacement cost of the item(s). Depending on the decor, we may be able to build decor items onto temporary equipment that can be purchased during the booking process. 

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